Online Poker – how to play Poker, why it’s very popular and what variant to choose

It’s impossible to find entertainment with the same popularity that online Poker has. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s online or in real time, for free or for real money, against one opponent or hundreds of them, Poker remains the game that catches the mind of many gamblers in every part of our planet. Poker online has quite simple rules, but success depends not only on knowledge, but on mental and psychological factors, as well. There are different types of Poker are available for fans of the game, and everybody has a chance to choose any variant that suits all requirements.

Explanation of online Poker popularity

Even the best Poker player would hardly give a full explanation of the game’s popularity. But if to take gamblers’ opinion, the following reasons can be treated as the main criteria for Poker to be in great request.

  • The main reason of online Poker popularity is that the game is the mixture of strategies, mathematics, professionalism and trick. Even if a player doesn’t have a good hand, there is still a chance to win with the help of bluff, or other tricks.
  • The game is available on many websites, and if a player has a desire to check own skills, there won’t be an issue to find a place to realize the plans. Besides, gambling sources offer many bonuses and promotions, like free WSOP chips, as an example, which make online Poker even more attractive.
  • If a player is professional, the game is a good chance to fill own pocket with extra money. And it’s not for nothing that many tournaments with prize funds, consist of millions of dollars.
  • An opportunity to play top online Poker games for free is another option that attracts many fans of this amazing entertainment.
  • There’s a specific feature that makes the game popular, and it’s “fashion”. Many players like to discuss different tournaments and “battles”.

Of course, there are more different reasons to treat Poker as one of the most popular game in the world, but it’s always a matter of taste.

The most popular types of Poker

If to nurture a plan to describe all possible variants of the game, it’ll be a real opportunity to write a big book and to sell it in shops. But it’s better to stop on the most popular types for beginners to have more or less full imagination what Poker is.

  • Texas Holdem. This is the most popular type of the game with millions followers all over the world. Every player receives 2 cards from the very beginning. Then 3 shared cards are put on the table. After this 2 other cards one-by-one are dealt. The game has 4 rounds of bidding.
  • Omaha. It’s quite similar to Holdem with the main difference that Omaha players receive 4 cards from the very beginning.
  • Stud. Every participant gets 3 cards, where 2 of them are closed and one is opened. Next 3 cards are also dealt out in the open. The 7th one is a closed one.
  • Five Card Draw. It’s the most ancient type of the game. The particularity is the existence of obligatory ante bet that is made before the round starts. Every gambler has 5 cards, and during bidding it’s an opportunity to change even all cards, after what the combinations are compared.

Every guy can choose one of the mentioned variants, or to spend some time and find more suitable types of this fantastic game. In any case, pleasure is guaranteed. Good luck!

Reasons for the popularity of poker games

The main reason for the incredible popularity of this game is the holding of online tournaments, such tournaments allowed a huge number of people to enjoy this game without leaving home.

One of the first who “fell ill” with poker were the Americans. The first people interested in poker were the military, and then the game entered the masses. Soon, the wave of poker swept over Europe. New varieties of poker were appearing in which the main success factor was the skill of the player. Private tournaments had already started to be held, where one could earn a lot of money.

A key moment in the history of development and spread of the game was in 1970. In that year, the first World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament was held. With the advent of the Internet and online tournaments, the number of fans was growing every day. After the stunning win of the WSOP by an amateur player who qualified through an online satellite, a huge number of players wanted to become rich and famous through poker online or in real life.

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